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July 18, 2019

The Mitko Show: Episode 4

Is Tom Brady the G.O.A.T or just a system Quarterback? Why does Peyton Manning get upset when he wins? What should we expect from Mecole Hardman this year? Answers to questions you never new you had. Here's Volume 4 of The Mitko Show!

This week, Mitko studies Passing TDs and their relationship to Brady, Manning, and Mahomes' HOF bids.



We also talk Chiefs vs the Coin flip (not what you think), Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday NFL games, and finally get to the much awaited Mecole Hardman Review.

00:11 - Opening & Congratulations to the USWNT

02:05 - Pro Football Reference

02:46 - Random Statistics: Brady vs Mahomes

09:04 - Random Statistics: Brady vs the "Average QB"

15:50 -Random Statistics: Brady vs a HOF QB

22:49 - Does Brady Rely on a Top Ten Defense to Win?

27:52- Chiefs vs the Coin Flip

29:00 - Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday NFL games

31:03 - The Mecole Hardman Review

48:59 - Throwing up the Deuces

50:33- Now Working for PFF


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