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Football is back! (Kind of) In this week's episode of The Mitko Show, Mitko reviews the preseason game against the Bengals. He goes over what went wrong for the first drive for the defense, and what went right on the offense's 1st drive as well. (Hint: It's Mahomes, it's always Mahomes.) He goes over the  Match-up between Bell and Yelder for the 2nd Tight End position, and reviews a few players' performance including, Darwin, Lee, Ragland, Hardman, and Kpass. And we can't forget the Antonio Brown drama!

00:11 - Intro

02:21 - R E L A X: Reviewing D's the 1st Drive

09:38 - Reviewing the Offense's 1st Drive

15:11 - Bell v.s. Yelder: The TE2 Matchup

19:53 - What Did We Learn About Mecole Hardman

22:10 - Darwin's Evolution

25:56 - Lee, Niemann, & Ragland

30:00 - Speaks, Kpass, & Attaochu

33:14 - Watts, Fuller, & Ward

34:24 -Throwing up the Deuces 

36:34 - Antonio Brown's New Madden Superstar Ability


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Welcome to the Episode 6 of Chop Talk with Dave and Tony: Uncut! We recorded the episode in its entirety with no editing, one shot through. we also drank heavily beforehand. We can not be held responsible for the content of this podcast. We discuss recent and upcoming AG meetups, the Chiefs preseason win over the Bengals, and answer mailbag questions after much imbibing. Now lets argue and shit!


0:19 Introduction

2:24 AG Meetups

9:46 Chiefs Vs Bengals

35:33 Mailbag

54:04 Outro

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Welcome back to another episode of The Mitko Show! This week we are doing something a bit different. We're talking strictly defense! This week Mitko talks the difference between the 3-4 and the 4-3, the strengths and weakness of each, the roles and titles of the players, and why the Chiefs made the switch this year. Also, welcome back to the show Dan Harms! Dan and Pete watched some film on Okafor, Lee, and Ogbah. They discuss what to expect from the newest Chiefs.

00:11 - Intro

02:20 - Explaining the 4-3 Defense

03:20 - Who are Will, Mike, & Sam?

04:49 - Gaps & Gap Assignments

08:32 - Strengths and Weakness of the 4-3

10:25 - Explaining the 3-4 Defense

13:16 - React vs Read and React

14:46 - Strengths and Weakness of the 3-4

17:13 - What Went Wrong with the 3-4, & How Will the 4-3 Help?

23:51 - Alex Okafor Review with Dan Harms

32:00 - Darron Lee Review with Dan Harms

39:24 - Emmanuel Ogbah Review with Dan Harms

46:12 - Throwing Up the Deuces

48:00 - Secret Ending: Resident Evil with Dan Harms

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Welcome to the Episode 5 of Chop Talk with Dave and Tony! We react to the NFL Players' Top 100 list, discuss training camp headlines, and answer weird mailbag questions. Now lets argue and shit!


0:19 Introduction

1:09 NFL Players Top 100 List Reaction

18:27 Training Camp Updates

22:05 Mailbag

41:12 Oh That's Why I Couldn't Understand Dave. Kind of.

43:05 Outtro

43:50 Bonus Content

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August 1, 2019

The Mitko Show: Episode 6

Welcome to Episode 6 of The Mitko Show! In this week's episode we discussed Veach vs Dorsey in player contracts, explain how to extend BOTH Hill and Jones, review Clark vs Ford and Houston, and talk With ChiefsandSabres of Arrowhead Guys. Chiefs themed bedtime story now included. 

00:11- Intro

02:25 - Salary Cap Debate: Veach vs Dorsey

09:08 - How to Afford Both Jones and Hill's Mega Deals

12:50 - Film Review: Clark vs Ford vs Houston

28:52 - Is Frank Clark Worth It?

33:45 - ChiefsandSabres: A Progression of Chiefs Greats

39:30 - ChiefsandSabres: When to Take Your Kids to Arrowhead 

42:38 - Throwing Up the Deuces

44:45 - Hidden Endings:Ford's Contract and a Chiefs Bedtime Story

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0:19 Introduction

1:03 Chris Jones Reports to Training Camp

2:24 Who'd you rather: Frank Clark or Chris Jones

12:17 WWE-Style Walk Out Songs for Chiefs Players with Gary McKenzie

27:16 AFC West Run Down with Brandon Perna of Thats Good Sports

48:25 Mailbag

54:25 Outtro

55:09 Bonus Content

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This week on The Mitko Show we welcome the long awaited return of the Chiefs training camp, talk about Tyreek's non-suspension, discuss  expectations for Tyrann Mathieu's impact, and debate Kelce versus Kittle. Oh And we have new merchandise as well: Wear my face, I've been doing it for years.

00:09 - Intro: Welcome Back Training Camp

03:42 - Tyreek Hill's Non-Suspension

07:58 - Mitko's Terrible Nicknames for the WR Group.

09:57 - Player Profile: Tyrann Mathieu

21:53 - The Honey Badger Mind-Games Blake Bortles

24:28 - Reviewing the Defensive Performance Against Indy

27:11 - Dan Harms Interview: Kelce v.s. Kittle

40:40 - Throwing up the Deuces

42:59 - Secret Ending: Zombies

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0:19 Introduction and Tony waits for Dave to pay attention

1:15 The Tyreek Hill Wrap-Up

12:55 Training Camp Primer with Ryan Tracy

41:51 Outtro

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Is Tom Brady the G.O.A.T or just a system Quarterback? Why does Peyton Manning get upset when he wins? What should we expect from Mecole Hardman this year? Answers to questions you never new you had. Here's Volume 4 of The Mitko Show!

This week, Mitko studies Passing TDs and their relationship to Brady, Manning, and Mahomes' HOF bids.



We also talk Chiefs vs the Coin flip (not what you think), Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday NFL games, and finally get to the much awaited Mecole Hardman Review.

00:11 - Opening & Congratulations to the USWNT

02:05 - Pro Football Reference

02:46 - Random Statistics: Brady vs Mahomes

09:04 - Random Statistics: Brady vs the "Average QB"

15:50 -Random Statistics: Brady vs a HOF QB

22:49 - Does Brady Rely on a Top Ten Defense to Win?

27:52- Chiefs vs the Coin Flip

29:00 - Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday NFL games

31:03 - The Mecole Hardman Review

48:59 - Throwing up the Deuces

50:33- Now Working for PFF


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0:18 Introduction and Tony edits out nice thing he said about Dave

1:21 The AG'ees Award Ceremony

6:40 The Arrowhead Guys Staff as Chiefs

13:47 Clay Wendler Interview

31:39 Interactive Q'n'A

37:41 Rapid Fire Q'n'A

?:?? The Outtro we didn't record

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